________ LAZY SUSAN 3


What goes around comes around right? There’s enough to go around. Plenty to go around even. Take a spin around the block after, turn around in the cul-de-sac, roundabout, rotary, go full circle, do a couple laps. There’s plenty to go around.

Another thing, with it all thawinging out for worse or for worse, you ever get to spend an afternoon on a screened in porch? A front porch or a back porch. Either one. It doesn’t matter. In the light though. In a kind of light. For an afternoon —we’re trying to imply a certain kind of light probably. We could’ve said a sunny afternoon but that’s not fully, exactly, precisely right either. Mornings work fine too though, lightwise, come to think of it.


. . .
Mike Andrelczyk Shane Kowalski Courtney Redman
Caiti Borruso Zans Brady Krohn Sam Robinson
Eve Brown Spencer LaBute Dmitry Samarov
Ki Choquette Harris Lahti Kathryn Scanlan
Katharine Coldiron Sara Ghahramani &
Babak Lakghomi
Tina Scarpello
Lindsay Costello Zara Joan Miller Jack Schemenauer &
Brett Brady
Heather Connors Travis Morehead Hyacinth Schukis
Derick Dupre Sam Mullany Will Stanier
Maria Gelsomini Alex Ob Rhoads Stevens
Wren Krisztin Giacomo Pope Arin Whitmore
K. Kovacs Spencer Radcliffe Andres Villogas

Once, one of us, us as in one us at Blue Arrangements, was with one of you, you as in one of you who is showing something in Lazy Susan 3, on a screened in back porch in Atlanta and we were talking about Welcome Nowhere (2007), I think, I think, actually it was two of you, you as in 2 of you in Lazy Susan 3, and we were on a back porch in Atlanta talking about something that had a vague connection to Atlanta at in the past and, and one of us, us as in one of us on that was on the back screened-in porch in Atlanta, noticed a shuddering and stillness and twitching down at the base of a wooden fence, and so we (see us above) went over to it and it was a Northern Flicker and it looked like it was having its death rattles and we wondered if we could do anything and then it seemed like it died, and one of us and one of you, I can’t say it differently here for some reason, it Venn-diagrams, you as in Lazy Susan 3 art shower and us as in one of us that was on the screened in back porch but then went to look at the dying Northern Flicker, picked it up after it really seemed dead, and then it popped back up alive and flew off, I think, my memory of this might be wrong.

Wish we had boxed lunches for everyone, or a really good sandwich and a pitcher of water, or sun tea. Thank you.